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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe everyone deserves high-quality, personal, professional and compassionate mental health services. As our patient, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that is what every team member at The Woodlands Psychiatry and Counseling strives to deliver.

We understand that coming to our Psychiatric Outpatient may result in additional stress and anxiety around not know what to expect. We provide answers to the most commonly asked questions in an effort to decrease the unknown.
Q: What can I expect on the first visit?
At your first visit, you will be welcomed into a living room setting by individuals with lived experience. Our staff will listen to your goals and experiences and then work with you to create an individualized mental health plan.
Q: What forms should I fill?
We will provide you with the forms upon arrival.

Q: Will you work with my doctor, psychiatrist, etc.?

At The Woodlands Psychiatry and Counseling we hope to be a part of your health care team, and as such will include your existing doctor, psychiatrist as much or as little as you prefer.