Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric Medication Management

At The Woodlands Psychiatry and Counseling patients are assessed by a psychiatrist first. After the psychiatric assessment, an individualized wellness plan is formulated, including medication management if suitable. Determining whether the medication is working as it should with minimal side effects, tracking and organizing prescriptions, and providing medication education is often called psychiatric medication management. Medication management helps mental health recovery and promotes a more normal life

What are the benefits of medication management?
We know that individuals living with mental illness just want to feel normal. Medication management can help by reducing the symptoms of mental illness. When people are overwhelmed by mental health conditions, feeling normal may seem unattainable. Under a professional’s care, psychiatric medication can reduce symptoms to allow individuals to focus on their recovery. Medication can sometimes be the difference in maintaining relationships, keeping a job, or staying out of trouble.

How do I get medication management for mental health?
In our clinic we will monitor the effectiveness of medication as it begins to take effect. This initial stage of medication management determines if the treatment will meet our guest’s goals. Psychiatric medications react to an individual’s unique brain chemistry, so the effectiveness of medication varies from person to person. Medications are paired with additional forms of treatment such as mental health education, counseling and support groups, life skills classes and/or psychotherapy. Through careful observation and open and on-going dialog, we can find the right medication and wellness plan for optimal mental health.

Not everyone will need medication management, but there are times with psychiatric medication can help reduce emotional suffering. The use of psychiatric medication may introduce risks such as side effects and potential drug interactions, so benefits and risks are carefully discussed.

We can help you or your loved one build a personalized wellness plan with or without psychiatric medication management, based on individual needs and circumstances.

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