Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Anyone can feel overwhelmed, and sometimes we may need help dealing with life's challenges. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 30 million Americans need help dealing with feelings and issues that seem beyond their control—problems with a marriage or relationship, a family situation, job loss, depression, stress, burnout, substance abuse, or death of a loved one. The Woodlands psychiatry and counseling now offers counseling and support groups are for individuals or families who find themselves in this kind of situation.

Services available

At The Woodlands Psychiatry and Counseling, we are committed to providing a full range of mental health services intended to help individuals and families remove barriers to marital, professional and personal success by addressing emotional, psychological and interpersonal needs.
Our professional staff can provide group counseling, personal growth-oriented workshops, time-limited individual psychological counseling, as well as psychiatric evaluation and crisis management services. Sometimes a skill-building workshop or small group counseling experience is the most effective intervention for concerns such as stress management or anger management, for example.

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The Woodlands psychiatry and counseling has diverse, caring, and competent staff that works from a variety of lived experience. Some people find that talking to a counselor once is sufficient to resolve their immediate concern. Our counselors can help you in a variety of ways because they are excellent sounding boards, compassionate listeners, and skillful experts in the problems of living. If further services would be beneficial, these will be discussed and recommendations will be made.

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The Basics
How do I make an appointment?

Typically, the first step for counseling services is to call our office at (281) 383-9366 or Email us to set up an initial consultation appointment.

Who is eligible?

Adults and couples aged 16 years old and older are eligible. Services include: individual, group, and couple’s counseling; psychiatric evaluation and medication management; stress management or anger management, crisis intervention; and referrals to community providers and agencies.

What kind of concerns are addressed?

The Woodlands psychiatry and counseling strives to help individuals successfully make important transitions, such as: starting a new job or college; adjusting after a major life event or trauma (e.g., divorce, illness or death; an assault or accident), and preparing for retirement. We also provide consultation, assessment and referral services, and conduct a wide variety of mental health workshops for the workplace and community.

Clients include a diverse population of adults of varying stages of life and ethnicities, who present with a wide variety of situations and concerns, including but not limited to:

What happens in counseling?

After a complimentary consultation, we will help you define what you would like to gain from your counseling experience. After the assessment, we will work with you to develop a personalized plan to help you meet your unique goals.

What if I need a referral to private therapy?


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